Track What Matters

This is a place to make projects fun and meaningful by creating a journey full of intentions, commitment, sharing, learning, reflection, and track what matters.

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Set a Destination

Set meaningful goals with an end in mind. The journey will be filled with hope, thrills, set backs, and an array of everything. To fuel up for the journey we need to hone in the destination. Not unlike plugging a destination into a GPS app, we set out for the best route. "Coming Soon"

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Monitor and review, make some turns, see your progress, learn how to give and receive help from others along the way. "Coming Soon"

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Reflection and Learning

Essential ingredients for motivation. You will hit a point of self sabatoge, waining motivation, and even failure. Let's find the gems in the debris and get onward and upward. "Coming Soon"

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Start with the end in mind and work your way back.

canoe looking at fireworks


With milestones, broken barriers and things you never imagined.

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Self Reflection

Tools for a successful journey.