Never to Ads

Much more than a policy, it's a cruisade. There is nothing I find more annoying than ads when I am on a site. Especially irritating are pop ups. Quite simply put, this site is not in the ad business. The vision behind this site is to grow by providing handy functions that help you and I track things that matter. The pricing covers the cost of providing a private, ad free, environment where your and my information is not shared with third parties.

Facebook sucks. At the time of developing this site, I was watching the US election and seeing Facebook, the biggest ad site in my opinion, not only sell out to anyone willing to pay them. It is apparent to me when one does not care about the user base, anything goes. Misinformation, worse yet, information intended to harm society is just not OK.

I am learning as I build this app. Part of this learning is understanding the world as it relates to privacy, online business models, and putting your stuff on line. As I learn more I'll keep you posted.