When to shut down a project

Posted by: Laurie Gloge on 2018-03-20

This past week, I shutdown 3 of my own projects. Its hard when there are ideas, sweat, people, and more.
When is it right to shut down a project.
1) When your heart tells you something's not right, look at the why. Why did you start this? Where will it take you?
2) Are you rowing an empty boat? Is there a sponsor, does someone benefit that you care about, now or in future.
3) Is the timing right? Could you pick this up another time? Does it have to be done at this time?
4) Where's the passion? Probably the most important part. Is there passion. Therefore "skin in the game" something clearly chosen means choices and sacrifices that come with it.
5) Are there other projects that will negatively or positively impacted by this project? Is this project enabling or hindering other work?