Don't know what you can't do til you try

Posted by: Laurie Gloge on 2018-03-19

Feeling dumb and incompetent is good for you. That's when you know you're on to something.
I just went through a long process of changing a website with a new domain, new design, and decided while I was at it I would upgrade the server, upgrade my ruby version, rails version and off we go. I was confident and ready to rock and roll.
I checked out a git branch and worked away on a "new_design" branch. Merrily working away, I had forgotten that I had left open a form that allowed people to post creative places in the city (it was'
When I checked my live site to see it was down, I fixed what I thought was some minor things, only to see it go down again. When I checked my logs, I saw and noticed my database for places went from 20 to over 2000 in a few hours. I had to do something. So decide it was time for a deploy.
So, I cleared out my database, built a new server and went to work, only to spend 3 days churning with silly mistakes. Long story short I found my way through it and got a server going, only about 18 errors and fixes later.
Bottom line, I was in a trajectory again, thinking I was competent, got in a comfort zone, and bumped into my own incompetence. It was time to learn.
This time, I took notes and posted them for next go around.
Tomorrow I look forward to be back in the zone. Time coding again!