What task are you making a task difficult for yourself?

Posted by: Laurie Gloge on 2018-03-08

I was reminded to get back to my blog, while responding to my friend Jayeeta who is learning to code. Learning is hard.
Yesterday, I was stuck on something. My normal response was to get frustrated, give up and do something easier, feel like someone needs to help me but at the same time feeling too dumb to ask and just feeling stuck.
Then I reminded myself, often asking a question is a lesson in itself. So, I went on to one of my favourite sites, stackoverflow, and asked a question.
In the process, I explained what I was trying to do, laid out the steps with content of my work, and showed where I was stuck. This helped me break down the task(s) and therefore breakdown what task in particular got me stuck.
After a nice dog walk and a nice warm bath, I returned to my computer to find the answer (a very simple fix in this case) It felt great.
I was about to throw away my work, revert, and more importantly tell myself that "I can't do this".
There will be times I make a decision that something is not worth it. That's fair. There is how ever lots to be said about a decision (a choice) versus giving up (a reaction).