Top 10 mistakes I make learning code

Posted by: Laurie Gloge on 2017-10-25

I thought I would stop and reflect on top 10 things I do (patterns) in making coding errors. As it applies to other things, worth sharing.
1) Doing the same thing over again. Churning. Instead, it is best to repeat the error by trying something brand new. Make it simple and layer on the steps til the error appears. Sometimes it nicer to find what works first.
2) Trying too many things at one. Save, test, save test again.
3) Being fearful of destructive actions. Testing is about finding things that go wrong. Failure is a good thing. Trying intentionally to break things is healthy when creating and testing.
4) Not writing it down. I keep a refections document in every project.
5) Working too long without breaks. My dog walks are sacred and 9 out 10, I figure out a solution during the walk. If not, I come back with cold eyes and have a better chance of finding it.
6) Being too linear and sticking to one task too long. Sometimes things need to evolve. For example, while learning to send automated emails, I had a lot of information in the email that broke my code. How about sending an email that says, "thanks". Work the details later when the processes are clearer and the message is more fun and relevant.
7) Not looking for help. I got 10 points this week on stackoverflow not for asking but answering a question. It turned out answering the question helped me understand things more by teaching/explaining.
8) Forgetting to journal my goals. Each day, I have a notebook and write down what I am working on. It's not much more than a to do list but it helps keep things focused.
9) Recognizing progresses. When I the the "yesss", it's arms up, shout for joy. I went and grabbed a jar that I through some stones in when I get that. It helps when the next rabbit hole emerges. I have 3 stones this week!
10) Remember screw imposter syndrome. I keep thinking I don't know enough. The best way to overcome this is set a simple goal. Do it, say I did it, set a new one. That's not an imposter. Imposters are people who intentionally mislead others for some agenda and are easy to spot. If you are learning, you are far from an imposter.