Every little step

Posted by: Laurie Gloge on 2017-05-10

One of the first things I discovered about myself when I began my journey to learn code is the little gremlins in my head. You can't do that, you will fail, what good are you? ... I won't give them too much air time. They take enough. One of the first things I learned was to step back and listen with to my self talk. In my case, it was just me and a console. Who was giving me all this grief? Me! The trick is to listen, jot down the thoughts. That's all they are. When I go as far as writing them down, they can be absurd. The next step is to discern the facts. For example, I don't know anything, could mean, I made typos on my code or I missed my workout and had that extra pizza. Then I can make choices, work on something else, see the patterns, get to know my head a bit more.