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The Blog Log

A collection of daily thoughts intended to share insights along the way

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Value Creation

Getting to value, making products and services, revenue and earning power Photo Credit: Todd Quackenbush - Uplift

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Dealing with Obstacles

Days when everything seems wrong and nothing goes right. Photo Credit: Michal Grosicki - Uplift

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My Daily Quests

Setting out a worthy goal. This will take me along a new path with ups and downs. Photo Credit: Antoine Beauvillain - Uplift

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In the zone days

The fire is burning with in and that feels amazing. I see progress today. Photo Credit: Jakob Owens - Uplift

The Game

You meet some awesome people. You are inspired. Now what? Keep the energy and momentum and turn ideas and stories into action. Our mission is to put people on the journey toward discovery, learning and action. We use a four part process beginning with you, finding a path, facing obstacles and milestones along the way.

Imagination + Action = Your Road to Success

Friendly Road Members Are

Some of Our Projects

Keep track of your ideas and goals. Don't lose track of things you care about or things that motivate you. The first step is capturing the idea. Then things start to happen.

60 year Celebration

Organic Herb Collection

Build My First Website

Creative Calgary

Friendly Road App

More to come..

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